3 trends from a year of polls of the Second Life mesh body race

Mesh body polls show mesh body adoption is increasing and showing no signs of slowing down, four brands are dominating the mesh body marketplace, and we’re slowly seeing a blurry picture becoming clear as to who the winner in that group of 4 brands might be.

Pete Linden shares Linden Lab’s sophisticated approach to marketing Second Life at SL12B ‘Meet the Lindens’

The discussion arising from Wednesday’s ‘Meet the Lindens’ interview between Saffia Widdershins, Elrik Merlin (PrimPerfect), Xiola Linden (Lead Community Manager, Linden Lab) and Pete Linden (Peter Gray, Senior Director, Global Communications, Linden Lab) delved into meaningful specifics about new user acquisition. As it turns out, this might arguably be one of the most important interviews of […]

Every user to get free land in Project Sansar, says Danger Linden

In today’s ‘Meet the Lindens’ interview with Danger Linden (Sr. Director, Product, Virtual Worlds) and Troy Linden, (Senior Producer), Danger Linden revealed several important features of Linden Lab’s next generation virtual world in development, Project Sansar, including that every user with a basic account will have access to free virtual land.

Meet the Lindens at SL12B suffers from softball interviewing and too much focus on the past

Tuesday’s ‘Meet the Lindens’ interview between Saffia Widdershins of Prim Perfect and Patch Linden and Dee Linden happened last night at the SL12B Dreamitarium. Despite listening to the hour of conversation (and re-listening to my full recording after that) I failed to find one item of compelling interest that’s worth writing about, except perhaps that Dee Linden doesn’t […]

Oz Linden: Second Life to get 24-hour days

Oz Linden confirmed today at SL12B that Linden Lab will be enabling an option to set environment settings to 24-hour days. Currently, the Second Life day runs on a 4-hour cycle; specifically, three hours of daytime and one hour of night, meaning that in a real-world 24-hour day, there are six Second Life days. Ebbe Altberg has […]