Paradise Lost: The Movie

Originally posted on What the Huck?:
I think it’s over a year now since the last performance of ‘Paradise Lost’ at Basilique.  Put together by Canary Beck and Harvey Crabsticks, this vastly ambitious show depicted the expulsion from Eden of Adam and Eve according to Milton’s epic twelve book poem.  As a piece of Second…

Paradise Lost The Movie nominated for an Avi’s Choice Award – Watch it now for free and vote

Unexpected news: I learned last night that someone nominated Paradise Lost The Movie for the Favourite Machinima Production Award category of Avi’s Choice Awards – The Art To celebrate, I’m sharing the video with everyone, right here on this blog post. No sign-in is required. Just click the image above and watch. All I ask […]

Ambient Sound in Second Life

Ambient sound is an integral part of experiencing simulated environments, not only because it significantly adds to a feeling of immersiveness, but many people are in Second Life without their music turned on. Silence makes a place feel dead. Unless of course that is what you’re going for (like a moon landscape), then adding sounds […]