Paradise Lost returns for a Second Season: Tickets on Sale now

Back by popular demand, Second Life’s most highly praised theatrical experience: Paradise Lost in Second Life, will return for a second season beginning August 2nd. Tickets are now on sale at the Basilique Box Office (Marketplace Link) for alternating Saturday and Sunday performances. Season 1 sold out a month before every performance, so get your tickets […]

VVON VOICIC™ Skin Walker Casting Video

I’m pleased to share this very slick, short machinima video with you – in part because I greatly admire Forren Ashford’s work in Second Life, but also because she was kind enough to invite me to do the voiceover work for this. This is our latest collaboration, and I’m sure it won’t be our last. Turn up […]

Good lost and evil got – Paradise Lost Trailer No. 3

Oh Eve, it was an evil hour when you listened To that false worm, taught by somebody To imitate the voice of Man, truthful in saying we would fall, Lying about our promised rise; since our eyes Have been opened we have indeed discovered that we know Both good and evil; good lost and evil […]

Our second Paradise Lost Trailer premiers today!

We’re so excited to share this brand new trailer for Paradise Lost in Second Life. This is the second of six planned trailers; it features God, creating Adam, and the animals in the Garden of Eden to the music of Mozart’s Requiem (Dies Irae). For the best experience, watch it in 1080 HD, at full […]

Romeo + Juliet: Performance today at 1pm and a new preview video

After a two-week break, The Basilique Performing Arts Company is back with the Second Life Production of Romeo + Juliet. And, we have a new preview video too. We hope to see you today at 1pm SLT (4PM EST, 9PM GMT, 10PM CET) at the Basilique Playhouse. For more information, please see our information kit. […]

Burlesque Spectacular Video 6 of 7: I Wanna Be Loved By You

Some Like It Hot has always been one of my favourite screwball comedies. Billy Wilder’s wonderful treasure of a movie featuring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe revolves around two penniless and desperate Chicago Jazz musicians that disguise themselves as female performers and join an all-girls band to escape gangsters after witnessing a crime. […]

Burlesque Spectacular Video 5 of 7: I Put A Spell On You

I still remember the first time I heard Nina Simone sing. Oddly, it was hearing Sinnerman in a Thomas Crown Affair that compelled me to look deeper into this remarkably talented artist. Today, I’m a huge fan of every one of her standards. One such standout, is “I Put A Spell On You”. Also the […]

Burlesque Spectacular Video 4 of 7: Sooner or Later

Written by the great American composer Stephen Sondheim, especially for the theatrical version of Dick Tracy, Sooner or Later is a beautiful song that I hadn’t heard before preparing for this show. Sung by Madonna, this predatory seductive song was an excellent choice by Second Life’s biggest Madonna fan, Purdie Silkamour. Choreographed as a chair […]

Burlesque Spectacular Video 3 of 7: Maybe This Time

Who doesn’t love Cabaret? Set in Pre-War Berlin and released over 40 years ago, the film focuses on nightlife at the seedy Kit Kat Club. Here we find the two unforgettable performers Fraulein Sally Bowles (played by Liza Minelli in the film version) and the Master of Ceremonies (played by Joel Grey). The romantic plot […]