The stuff I get up to

I try to keep busy in Second Life, learning new skills and developing the things that interest me in both virtual and non-virtual worlds.

My main focus is on the Performing Arts. I’m currently directing the development of Paradise Lost, opening Spring 2014. At the same time, I’m directing and performing in weekly shows of Romeo + Juliet.

Apart from that, I have helped build and am co-owner of Basilique, a full region inspired by a small lakefront town on Lake Garda, in Northern Italy. The sim is home to The Basilique Club, a private members social club.

Apart from putting on dance performances, I also sing in Second Life, and give solo concerts from time to time. I’ve also tried my hand at machinima, creating videos for my dance performances and special builds. I am very interested in photography and put most of my work on my Flickr, and will sometimes create mixed media art.  Lastly, I also like to write poetry from time to time, and have shared some of my work here.

One thought on “The stuff I get up to

  1. Your posts are thoughtful and provoking – an interesting blog! I can see your commitments in SL are very creative ones! Virtual theatre is a wonderful concept. As you may have noticed by my posts on commitment in SL, my feelings can be quite mixed. I really try to look at it from both sides!! I admire the art and artistry of virtual visuals. I think as females too, there is that element of imagination and dress up!! (costumes etc!)
    I also want to feel all my senses alive and travel the path, “looking, looking breathlessly” as Carlos Castaneda said. I believe in following whatever path challenges you to grow and change. Life is short and we must never become too comfortable in any world!! 🙂


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