Romeo + Juliet: The Voice-over Poems, with photography by Strawberry Singh

We made an early choice to integrate voice-overs as a way of helping to tell the story of our star cross’d lovers in Romeo + Juliet. Drawing from Shakespeare’s own words, Purdie Silkamour, Harvey Crabsticks and I penned these little poems to precede every scene, borrowing liberally from the play itself, embedding appropriate quotations in […]

The Sea

The Sea The sea owes us nothing. She’ll meet no demands, Fulfil no expectations. Nostalgia is comfortless, Anticipation worthless. Growing and fluid, Change is her constant. Her flows ecstatic, Her ebbs terrifying. Moving islands in her massiveness, We are passing ships, surrounded By swirls of ceaseless change, Touching for the briefest of moments, Drifting continuously.

A Sonnet to Loo Roll

I am a tad bit under the weather as of late… or more plainly: I am sick as hell. What started off as a light cold has inevitably exploded into an oh-my-god-I’ve-forgotten-what-it-feels-like-not-to-be-ill-eww-gross-is-that-what-the-inside-of- my-lungs-look-like??? full-blown influenza extravaganza. Needless to say, my cough is about the only thing about me that’s been productive, let alone creative. All […]