Some terrific photo captures of Romeo + Juliet – and a performance today at 1pm in Second Life

Despite working like lunatics developing our 2014 production (in time for a sneak preview at a major Second Life fashion event on December 7th), Romeo + Juliet rolls on for enthusiastic audiences every week. Have you seen it yet? It’s been running since April 27th and now on its 25th performance (Today at 1PM Saturday, […]

The Basilique Performing Arts Company prepares a new production for 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Please Reblog) November 12, 2013 – After months of deliberation and several serious considerations the Basilique Performing Arts Company (BPAC) has chosen a libretto for the dance-theatre production that will follow┬áRomeo + Juliet┬áin March 2014. Not yet specifying the source text or music, Beck and Crabsticks expect to announce the full details […]

Romeo + Juliet: Performance today at 1pm and a new preview video

After a two-week break, The Basilique Performing Arts Company is back with the Second Life Production of Romeo + Juliet. And, we have a new preview video too. We hope to see you today at 1pm SLT (4PM EST, 9PM GMT, 10PM CET) at the Basilique Playhouse. For more information, please see our information kit. […]

Getting to know Tybalt played by Trixi Violet

In the fight against technical barriers, I’m not sure I can think of anyone more determined than Trixi Violet, who plays Tybalt in our Second Life adaptation of Romeo + Juliet. If you think you’ve got it rough sometimes, just read our interview below to learn about everything that could go wrong in a production, […]

Romeo + Juliet: The Voice-over Poems, with photography by Strawberry Singh

We made an early choice to integrate voice-overs as a way of helping to tell the story of our star cross’d lovers in Romeo + Juliet. Drawing from Shakespeare’s own words, Purdie Silkamour, Harvey Crabsticks and I penned these little poems to precede every scene, borrowing liberally from the play itself, embedding appropriate quotations in […]

The Night Before Romeo and Juliet

What started as a crazy idea around a kitchen table in early February is now less than a day away from becoming real. The show opens for the first time this Saturday, April 27th, 2013 at 2pm SLT at the Basilique Playhouse. So how does one actually stage a dance number in Second Life? Well, […]

Replay! Burlesque Spectacular at Amouresque this Saturday @ 2PM SLT

We are proud to announce our first collaboration with Amouresque to perform A Burlesque Spectacular at their brand-spanking new Burlesque Theatre on the 9th of February at 2PM. In case you missed our last performance, this is a terrific chance to catch the show. If you loved it the first time, bring your friends! Either […]