Paradise Lost – The Movie to open this September

The Basilique Performing Arts Company has completed our first full length movie: Paradise Lost. We filmed the feature length movie in Second Life following the live production staged in 2014 and will release it exclusively for registered audience members on September 19, 2015 at 12:00 Noon SLT.

Where do we go next?

Want to know how the wider virtual worlds landscape is developing? I urge you to read this article published yesterday in Re/Code, to get an overview of the key players shaping the metaverse today: Linden Lab, High Fidelity, and AltspaceVR. The article also addresses Facebook, and of course Oculus VR, and includes excerpts from interviews with Palmer Luckey, Ebbe […]

A huge thank you to bloggers and the SL media from the producers of Paradise Lost

Season 2 of Paradise Lost in Second Life is now well underway with a very enjoyable sell-out performance presented last weekend. We’re still getting fantastic reviews. The show is clearly continuing to surprise and delight nearly everyone fortunate enough to get a chance to watch it. Paradise Lost in Second Life is no longer new, so […]

Cultured Magazine has featured Paradise Lost in Second Life in its July/August Issue.

Cultured Magazine has featured Paradise Lost in Second Life in its July/August Issue. It’s a very favourable article and a good review, given the space they had to feature the show. Here is the link, and screenshots from the article. Tickets are available for Season 2 of Paradise Lost on the Marketplace, with the first […]

Paradise Lost Sells Out its Premiere Season

The Basilique Performing Arts Company is pleased to announce that all twelve scheduled performances of Paradise Lost in Second Life have sold out. The Company would like to thank all the actors, sponsors, bloggers and fans that attended our shows. A full list of acknowledgements to all supporters of Paradise Lost in Second Life will […]

Paradise Lost Ticket Update: Half of all shows now Sold Out

  Tickets for Paradise Lost are selling out fast. Six of the twelve shows scheduled for the premiere season have now sold out, and it’s only been just over two weeks since the Premiere Show. If you’re keen on particular dates, don’t miss out on getting your tickets as soon as possible on the marketplace. Remember, […]

Paradise Lost featured as a Linden Lab Editor’s Pick

I’m very excited to see Paradise Lost featured in Linden Lab’s Destination Guide’s Editor’s Picks Category on the official Second Life website. Follow the orange button to pay us a visit, even when the show isn’t on. Paradise Lost Set to the 14 movements of Mozart’s Requiem, the Basilique Performing Arts Co. performs its weekly production of […]