It takes all kinds to build a community in Second Life: Basilique hits 2000 member milestone

InnocentlyWicked Resident, a 4-week old avatar who describes herself as: “young and I just want to have fun’, surely didn’t imagine she’d be winning Caitlin Tobias’s inventory of poses from her store Pose O’Clock, when she accepted our invitation as Basilique’s 2000th member. 2000 members might not sound like much in comparison to some in world groups out there. Compared […]

Favourite photos from the Second Life Inworld Meetup at Basilique

The Second Life Inworld Meetup at Basilique turned out to be the mother of all events. We had a massive turn out that exceeded my expectations – 104 people at peak. Inara Pey did a lovely job of creatively reporting the happenings, and Huckleberry Hax shared a wonderfully introspective perspective on the day’s events. I don’t have much to […]

Breaking: Basilique chosen for next Linden Lab Inworld Meetup – May 14, 1PM

  Xiola Linden just announced that the next Linden Lab inworld meetup between Linden Lab and Second Life residents will be held at Basilique at 1PM SLT Thursday, May 14th, 2015. Here is the SLurl to Basilique. Please arrive early because you know it will be packed to the rafters. I couldn’t be more pleased and am grateful to Linden […]

Battle of the Second Life Bots: Juliet wins – but only barely

Since ‘hiring’ my male and female bots as greeters at Basilique, I’ve been curious to see how they compared, and now – after a 2-month serial A/B test – I have the answer: Juliet is better than Paul at converting visitors into group members – but just barely. I have to admit, I predicted that Juliet would beat Paul by a […]

Live reading: Second Life is a place we visit

I’m excited to be hosting a public reading of two chapters of Huckleberry Hax’s latest book: “Second Life is a place we visit”, read aloud by the author himself on Thursday, April 23rd at 3pm SLT, at Harry’s Bar at Basilique. In this collection of 42 non-fiction articles published separately over the past 8 years, […]

Enforcing and protesting against dress codes in Second Life

Venue dress codes and event entry policies are a murky and complicated area that can be a minefield for venue owners in RL. In a virtual world like Second Life, wherein live large numbers of people who don’t feel any rules apply to them, it can be a quagmire. Dress codes, and their enforcement, are the most common […]

Does religion have a purpose in a virtual world like Second Life?

For various reasons, I enjoy a keen interest in religions. I’ve spent time reading and talking with people about them, their origins, evolution, impacts, and future. However, religion isn’t something we come across in much of our everyday experience in virtual worlds like Second Life. This past Easter weekend, however, was an exception – when I found […]