Paradise Lost – The Movie to open this September

The Basilique Performing Arts Company has completed our first full length movie: Paradise Lost. We filmed the feature length movie in Second Life following the live production staged in 2014 and will release it exclusively for registered audience members on September 19, 2015 at 12:00 Noon SLT.

Looking ahead to 2015 in Second Life

I don’t need a calendar event like New Year’s Day to motivate my planning muscles because I’m a planner by nature. I do, however, see the start of a new year as a useful ‘line in the sand’. A calendar year is a handy unit to measure our lives by, so it’s as a good a time as any […]

Last chance to see Paradise Lost in Second Life

There are only tickets available for two more performances of Paradise Lost in Second Life: Sunday – September 7, 2014 at 13:30 SLT Sunday – September 21, 2014 at 13:30 SLT There are no more performances planned, so if you’re going to take part in this very, very special Second Life event, this is your last […]

Three Performances of Romeo + Juliet 2.0 start this weekend at LEA14

You are invited to a very limited engagement at LEA14: Three free performances of Romeo + Juliet will premiere May 31, 2014 @9:00 AM SLT. SLurl. Attendance will be limited to the first 20 arrivals per show. The Basilique Performing Arts Company, Second Life’s most pioneering immersive theatre company presents a “Masterful Adaptation” of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. […]

Paradise Lost Sells Out its Premiere Season

The Basilique Performing Arts Company is pleased to announce that all twelve scheduled performances of Paradise Lost in Second Life have sold out. The Company would like to thank all the actors, sponsors, bloggers and fans that attended our shows. A full list of acknowledgements to all supporters of Paradise Lost in Second Life will […]

Paradise Lost Premiere Announced – Tickets on Sale now!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – (Please Reblog) March 5, 2014 – The Basilique Performing Arts Company today announced the most anticipated theatrical event of the year: Paradise Lost in Second Life will premiere on Saturday, April 5, at 13:00 SLT. Tickets for this – and every – performance are limited to 40 and the Company predicts that tickets […]

Romeo + Juliet in Second Life: Season Finale on Valentine’s Day

The date is very near: This Valentine’s Day, we’ll be closing the curtain on the fourth season of Romeo + Juliet in Second Life. I can hardly believe it: this Friday at 1PM will be the 35th performance of the theatrical dance production that has, until recently, been my number one passion project in Second Life. […]

Pairing Mozart’s Requiem with Paradise Lost: Part 4 – The Vision

The morning after we first considered adapting the story of Adam and Eve in Second Life, I listened to the one-hour long Requeim, back to back, about 4 times. As I did, I saw the scenes unfolding with the music. The story begins with the opening bars of the Introit, the evocative swaying of the basset […]

Good lost and evil got – Paradise Lost Trailer No. 3

Oh Eve, it was an evil hour when you listened To that false worm, taught by somebody To imitate the voice of Man, truthful in saying we would fall, Lying about our promised rise; since our eyes Have been opened we have indeed discovered that we know Both good and evil; good lost and evil […]

The Linden Endowment for the Arts breathes Second Life into Romeo + Juliet

Romeo + Juliet in Second Life’s last performance of its fourth season is scheduled for Valentine’s Day – February 14th, 2013. You’ll not want to miss this special presentation with your sweetheart – what a way to celebrate! We are pleased to announce that the near future of Romeo + Juliet in Second Life has […]