Romeo + Juliet: Performance today at 1pm and a new preview video

After a two-week break, The Basilique Performing Arts Company is back with the Second Life Production of Romeo + Juliet. And, we have a new preview video too.

We hope to see you today at 1pm SLT (4PM EST, 9PM GMT, 10PM CET) at the Basilique Playhouse. For more information, please see our information kit. Admission is FREE but limited to 30 people. Please arrive early.

8 thoughts on “Romeo + Juliet: Performance today at 1pm and a new preview video

  1. Reblogged this on Goods In Kind and commented:
    It’s been a couple of weeks since we performed Romeo + Juliet last, so I’m especially looking forward to today’s performance. Becky has posted a link to a video that took us the better part of a week to film and edit. It’s amazing how we can perform the play week in and week out, but the moment the camera starts rolling, things start to go wrong 🙂


  2. Having been unable to see the play in world, being able to see the video is awesome. I am now left thinking I need to plan an all nighter so I can experience it all!


  3. Hi Becky ‘n Harvey! Congratulations on the AMAZING run of Romeo & Juliet! We just did a candlelight vigil tonight for Nadezhda Tolokonnikova at virtual Red Square, and after the vigil Diptheria and Trilby and I were talking in the Red Star Bar about how nice it’d be to have a little girl’s night out trip to R+J. Anyway… is there a schedule of upcoming performances? TY & Congratulations!! xx


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