Paradise Lost by Canary Beck

And here it is, the very first review of Paradise Lost the Movie. Thanks Hana, for your kind words, I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

desert mice and dreams


Today I was treated to the film version of Canary Beck’s virtual production and interpretation of Milton’s Paradise Lost at the Basilique Theater. Becky had announced that it was in the making and it was worth the wait!

I am so impressed with the smooth and technical expertise of the production- not to mention it’s poetic beauty in story and ballet. This is a profound vision realized!  Congratulations to Becky and all who contributed to this gem!

I would encourage any who are interested in classical theater to definitely check this out on her blog site and to visit the Basilica on her sim. I have provided a link in the above image.

Although the live performance was wonderfully executed as well, the film definitely smooths out all those little SL glitches of lag and timing that are unavoidable in a live production on the virtual platform.  I was grateful and…

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