A blogging milestone: 400 posts!

Cheers! 400 blog posts! Cheers! Thursday’s post was my 400th post on this blog since I started it in the last few days of 2011. That’s just over 114 posts a year, or a blog post every 3.2 days (this year, it’s a post every 2.4 days). This blog has been my longest running project related to Second Life, and I’d like to shout out a big thank you to all of you who share your time reading my blog, and engage with me and the others who comment on my articles!

I’ve had a flurry of followers join up in the last few weeks, so I thought it might be fun to share my most popular posts (in reverse order) for 2015.

My top 10 most viewed blog posts of 2015


10. From Zero to Hero: The 2-Hour Men’s Second Life Makeover Style Guide

Published in March, this post had a simple purpose: To share my best tips on how Second Life menfolk can get the biggest “bang for their buck” in the least amount of time possible. While the price tag is not necessarily for the man-on-a-budget, I strongly believe the men that follow this 90-minute guide will get what they pay for. Read more.


9. The one that got away: Lawyer chimes in on the Prometheus V Kazan DMCA

Published this month (June 2015), this post predominantly featured lawyer’s Vaki Zenovka’s opinion that the creator who forced a blogger to take down the latter’s blogged images of the former’s products was a “blatant misuse of the DMCA”. Read more.


8. Second Life Sex Versus Real Life Sex 

This post, published in May 2015, offered an anonymous survey about practices and attitudes towards sexual experiences in Second Life versus sexual experiences in real life. The survey is now closed, but I plan to conduct follow ups. A link to the results is below. Read more.

Standing on the Map of the World

7. A model for categorising virtual places in Second Life

One of my personal favourites: In this post, published this January, I presented the Real/Fake 2×2 Matrix, and used it as a model to categorise some well-known and active virtual places in Second Life. Read more.

Becky - Close Up

6. 5 misconceptions around mesh heads in Second Life

Also in May, I published what as my most controversial post to date (eliciting 63 comments). In it, I discuss the 5 misconceptions surrounding mesh heads in Second Life, why I think we need to review them, and how our attitude toward them is symptomatic of deeper issues related to resistance to change. Read more.

Warm Beach Light 1

5. How to approach a woman in Second Life

Also published in May 2015, in this post I laid out the three problems with many approaches men take towards women in Second Life: First, their choice to use IM and not local chat. Second, their choice to do so while remaining out of her field of vision. Third, the obnoxiously and hopeless unoriginal content of their message that amounts to nothing but a waste of time for all concerned. Naturally, this post too was a bit controversial, eliciting 28 comments. Read more.

Which is more fun SL sex or RL sex

4. Second Life sex versus Real Life sex – Survey Results

Admit it or not, we clearly have an interest in each other’s sex lives, virtual and physical. Also published in May 2015, this post summarised the responses to my Second Life Sex Survey (number 8 on this list) and the results were surprising in several ways – namely: 36% of respondents felt SL sex was more fun than RL sex (who knew?) Read more.

Proportions - Using the Proportionator

3. My digits – Approximating human proportions in Second Life

The only post on this list that wasn’t published this year is about how I’ve strived to make my avatar not only look anatomically proportional, but as close as possible to my RL appearance. I’ve made much progress since this post was published in June 2013, but this post still draws in the views (4,270 all time views). Read more.


2. Take the Second Life History Quiz

This post was a super fun way for me to learn about Second Life history, and apparently many others thought so too. Published in February 2015, the quiz (which remains available) has almost 800 responses to date, and received 58 comments. I summarised the results after 500 quizzes here.

Te.k v6

1. WordPress takes down Second Life Blogger’s snapshots due to SL creator’s DMCA

And far ahead in first place, here is the story I broke on the first of June 2015, on how a Second Life creator successfully asked WordPress to take down a Second Life blogger’s photos of the former’s product with a DMCA. This was a story that interested bloggers, creators and spectators alike – and generated 69 comments. Read more.

What’s next?

Well, there we have it. I see a couple of good signs from this list. First, I published 6/10 of my posts with the biggest all-time views in the last 6 months. Second, 4/10 of my all-time most viewed posts first saw the light of day in the last 2 months.

I’m getting some useful insights about the kinds of topics that people find most attractive on my site (measured by views and comments at least), and I’ll be adapting my topics (menus and categorisation) to better suit these interests in future.

There are many other posts I wished were on this list. So, in a future post, I’ll list the 10 that didn’t make it to the top 10 most viewed of 2015, but which I think are worth a read for those who liked the most viewed.

10 thoughts on “A blogging milestone: 400 posts!

  1. Congratulations! Milestones are definitely worth celebrating. I have only recently tripped over your blog and I am really enjoy what you share.Wishing you ongoing success and satisfaction with sharing your blog with Secondlifers 😀


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