The DraxFiles Radio Hour: Sansar Anxiety

I’m grateful to Draxtor Despres for inviting me to participate as a panelist for the first episode of Season 3 of the DraxFiles Radio Hour [with Jo Yardley]. I was joined by Bill Glover, Founder of Bright Canopy (the browser-based Second Life viewer) and Josh Farka, Founder of Guided Meditation VR, a virtual-reality relaxation application designed for the Oculus Rift.

Painting big pictures with small stories – what the VR tech industry can learn from Second Life residents

London Technology Week kicked off yesterday, and today I attended a panel presentation called “Ready Player Two? Bringing virtual reality dreams to life“. Generally, the speakers talked about the possibilities of virtual reality from their perspectives: entertainment, philosophical, journalistic, and artistic. One of the presenters talked about how virtual reality might affect gamers and game narrative. […]

Marketing Second Life

Draxtor Despres and I have tried to have this conversation for weeks since we butted heads over our differing views on Second Life marketing. Yesterday, we finally got the opportunity to sit down and have this chat, which is featured today on the DraxFiles Radio Hour. We covered a lot of ground, including increasing the number […]

Draxtor Despres releases new World Makers Video featuring top fashion model Absinthe

Draxtor Despres has released yet another fantastic video in his DraxFiles series – going strong with Episode 26! Excerpted the description on YouTube: “Second Life is so multifaceted that you can’t really make a judgement as to whether somebody’s activity is more serious than somebody else’s!” says Absinthe, a virtual super model: “I get up […]

I won Second Life Pic of the Day!

I came home from a night out and found a wonderful surprise when I logged into my Flickr account. Whilst I was out, Linden Lab selected my picture above entitled “Second Life / Real Life Avatar Diptychs” as the Second Life Pic of the Day! Thanks Caity Tobias for letting me know, and big thanks to […]

Marketing Second Life: Where does one start?

Yesterday’s blog post about Second Life merchandising and premiums certainly led to some spirited discussions, and I’m feeling motivated to dive into this subject a bit more before I leave it. One of the questions Draxtor Despres asked in a comment he made to yesterday’s post was: Who the heck IS THE TYPICAL SL “user”? Do we know?” […]