3 trends from a year of polls of the Second Life mesh body race

Mesh body polls show mesh body adoption is increasing and showing no signs of slowing down, four brands are dominating the mesh body marketplace, and we’re slowly seeing a blurry picture becoming clear as to who the winner in that group of 4 brands might be.

Battle of the Second Life Bots: Juliet wins – but only barely

Since ‘hiring’ my male and female bots as greeters at Basilique, I’ve been curious to see how they compared, and now – after a 2-month serial A/B test – I have the answer: Juliet is better than Paul at converting visitors into group members – but just barely. I have to admit, I predicted that Juliet would beat Paul by a […]

My Digits 2015 – A Mesh Body (R)evolution

Meme Instructions: Share your avatar’s digits and/or answer the following questions about mesh bodies. If you decide to share your digits, feel free to add your image to the Digits Flickr Group. Strawberry Singh’s Digits meme came earlier than expected this year but fortunately for me I’ve just finished getting into my fourth mesh body (not […]

What if our avatars aged (and died!) in Second Life?

How morbid… we don’t like to talk about it, but (spoiler alert) we’re all gonna die, and on the journey, we’re going to look older than today, with every step we take towards our inevitable end. The fact that ageing and death isn’t optional, doesn’t make many of us fear it any less. Hands down, ageing […]

Do we appear the same or similar to our Second Life avatars?

Yesterday I shared some sobering statistics related to the how appearance affects our job prospects, income, and therefore lifestyles, in the non-virtual world. After a little digging for appearance statistics in the virtual world, I came across a 2007 study initiated by the US Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee and conducted by Zogby International that […]