The DraxFiles Radio Hour: Sansar Anxiety

I’m grateful to Draxtor Despres for inviting me to participate as a panelist for the first episode of Season 3 of the DraxFiles Radio Hour [with Jo Yardley]. I was joined by Bill Glover, Founder of Bright Canopy (the browser-based Second Life viewer) and Josh Farka, Founder of Guided Meditation VR, a virtual-reality relaxation application designed for the Oculus Rift.

Second Life residents share their – mostly accurate – views on intellectual property law

Last month I conducted a survey on NWN asking what users knew about intellectual property. I published an excerpt of results last week on the same site. This is the full version of that post. Generally, I found that most Second Life residents responding to this survey have an accurate view of intellectual property laws. […]

Basilique featured in at least four “What Second Life Means to Me” Videos to date

If not only learning about the wonderful variety of personal stories and the creative ways that residents choose to portray them in their videos, but I’m also thrilled and proudly grateful whenever I see a glimpse of my region, Basilique, featured in them as well.

Every user to get free land in Project Sansar, says Danger Linden

In today’s ‘Meet the Lindens’ interview with Danger Linden (Sr. Director, Product, Virtual Worlds) and Troy Linden, (Senior Producer), Danger Linden revealed several important features of Linden Lab’s next generation virtual world in development, Project Sansar, including that every user with a basic account will have access to free virtual land.

Oz Linden: Second Life to get 24-hour days

Oz Linden confirmed today at SL12B that Linden Lab will be enabling an option to set environment settingsĀ to 24-hour days. Currently, the Second Life day runsĀ on a 4-hour cycle; specifically, three hours of daytime and one hour of night, meaning that in a real-world 24-hour day, there are six Second Life days. Ebbe Altberg has […]