3 trends from a year of polls of the Second Life mesh body race

Mesh body polls show mesh body adoption is increasing and showing no signs of slowing down, four brands are dominating the mesh body marketplace, and we’re slowly seeing a blurry picture becoming clear as to who the winner in that group of 4 brands might be.

Review: How TRON teaches us to fear virtual reality

My interest in reviewing movies involving virtual reality from the last thirty years is to consider where some of our current views about virtuality came from. Films influence our culture significantly, at times expressing, reflecting and influencing the zeitgeist of the time. As voracious consumers of film, we draw much of what we know (or think we […]

More Reviews for Paradise Lost in Second Life: The Premieres

Immediately after a performance of Paradise Lost in Second Life finishes, we send out a form to audience members to capture their immediate impressions of the performance. Here is a sample of spontaneous audience reviews from the Premieres, and we could not be happier with the feedback. Amazing use of SL and wonderful entertainment! Harper Beresford […]

Blog Reviews from the Premieres of Paradise Lost in Second Life

Paradise Lost in Second Life premiered this past weekend to sold out shows on both Saturday and Sunday. The cast couldn’t be happier with how things went this opening weekend and are very pleased with the feedback so far! With the first 4/12 shows already sold out, there is only one more show with tickets available […]

Spontaneous Reviews for Paradise Lost in Second Life are in!

The full reviews of the Paradise Lost in Second Life Press Preview are slowly trickling in; however, we took some first reactions from those present, immediately after event. Note: All of the slide show images of the Preview were taken by the lovely and talented Caitlin Tobias – who tweeted… @JulianTantalus haha, did you recognise me? And…wow, […]

Head-down-must-do-crunch-time for Paradise Lost in Second Life

I just had a quick look and realise I haven’t posted any news about anything at all since… March 12th! Well there is a very good reason for that! Harvey and I have been as busy as bees in a short honey season as we prepare for the Preview of Paradise Lost in Second Life that […]