I won Second Life Pic of the Day!

I came home from a night out and found a wonderful surprise when I logged into my Flickr account. Whilst I was out, Linden Lab selected my picture above entitled “Second Life / Real Life Avatar Diptychs” as the Second Life Pic of the Day! Thanks Caity Tobias for letting me know, and big thanks to […]

Looking ahead to 2015 in Second Life

I don’t need a calendar event like New Year’s Day to motivate my planning muscles because I’m a planner by nature. I do, however, see the start of a new year as a useful ‘line in the sand’. A calendar year is a handy unit to measure our lives by, so it’s as a good a time as any […]

The Elephants In Our Rooms

Today I visited Eliza Wierwight’s 35 Elephants, an exhibit that shines a disinfecting spotlight on the plight of elephants enslaved to carry out logging and entertainment in Thailand. With support from the Linden Endowment for the Arts, this exceptionally moving exhibit is a demonstration of the potential for good in Second Life that we glimpse […]

The Basilique Performing Arts Company prepares a new production for 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Please Reblog) November 12, 2013 – After months of deliberation and several serious considerations the Basilique Performing Arts Company (BPAC) has chosen a libretto for the dance-theatre production that will follow Romeo + Juliet in March 2014. Not yet specifying the source text or music, Beck and Crabsticks expect to announce the full details […]

New this weekend: The Bar Moderna Opens at the Basilique

Today’s stunning photographs were taken by the lovely and talented Miss Caitlin Tobias of the all new Bar Moderna opening today at the Basilique at 2PM SLT, immediately following today’s Saturday performance of Romeo + Juliet at 1PM SLT at the Playhouse (entry is free but limited to 30 avatars). This new addition to the Basilique […]