Basilique featured in at least four “What Second Life Means to Me” Videos to date

If not only learning about the wonderful variety of personal stories and the creative ways that residents choose to portray them in their videos, but I’m also thrilled and proudly grateful whenever I see a glimpse of my region, Basilique, featured in them as well.

Live reading: Second Life is a place we visit

I’m excited to be hosting a public reading of two chapters of Huckleberry Hax’s latest book: “Second Life is a place we visit”, read aloud by the author himself on Thursday, April 23rd at 3pm SLT, at Harry’s Bar at Basilique. In this collection of 42 non-fiction articles published separately over the past 8 years, […]

Second Life Novel Launch: Huckleberry Hax’s ‘AFK, In Pursuit of Avengement’

Join me in celebrating the launch of an all new Second Life novel by Huckleberry Hax at Harvey’s Bar at Basilique on Thursday 26 February at 3pm SLT. Mr. Hax is launching his eagerly awaited fourth instalment in the ‘AFK’ series of novels set in Second Life – ‘AFK, in Pursuit of Avengement’. At the launch, Mr. Hax […]