Strawberry Singh asks us to make our avatars into movie characters

I¬†clearly missed my calling in life as an actor. Not only do I play one in Second Life (Romeo in Romeo + Juliet, Eve in Paradise Lost in Second Life), but I also just love dressing up my many avatars as characters from the movies and television series. It was with delight that I read […]

Strawberry Singh’s Second Life Helpful Tools Meme: SL Vibrators

Despite being ever so fun to read, I don’t often jump on the memes as I’m way too busy spamming everyone who’ll listen with my theatrical dance going-ons. But this one was just too compelling to pass up. So here we go with my contribution to Strawberry Singh’s helpful tools meme: a review of vibrators […]

Getting to know Mercutio played by Syn Wytchwood

Syn was one of the first performers to audition for us, and the first to be cast in Company B in the role of Mercutio. From the minute I first saw her, I knew she had something special. She was well prepared and had done her research. She was dressed in a white silk dress […]

Romeo + Juliet: The Voice-over Poems, with photography by Strawberry Singh

We made an early choice to integrate voice-overs as a way of helping to tell the story of our star cross’d lovers in Romeo + Juliet. Drawing from Shakespeare’s own words, Purdie Silkamour, Harvey Crabsticks and I penned these little poems to precede every scene, borrowing liberally from the play itself, embedding appropriate quotations in […]

An Interview with Cloe Nyn with photography by Strawberry Singh

I first met Cloe Nyn when I wandered into the Amouresque Club late last year. I was busy visiting all sorts of high-end clubs whilst researching what I might do after the KamaSutra (which of course ended up as the Basilique). I never imagined then that we’d be sharing hours and hours bringing Shakespeare to […]

Canary Beck by Strawberry Singh 4 of 4 – and how I design posters in Second Life

Before the uptake of film photography and the explosion of mass advertising as an industrialised machine, most printed messaging was done by poster. These posters would feature messages related to pretty much anything one wanted to promote, whether it was a product, political propaganda, public service announcements and of course, performances. Despite not owning many […]