Richard De Grataine Suoh wins this week’s “Scenes from Paradise Lost” Photography Contest Prize

I’m delighted to award our first week’s “Scenes from Paradise Lost” Photography Contest Prize of L$ 1000 to Richard De Grataine Suoh, who submitted the image you see featured on this post. The judges, John Herring of Windlight Magazine and Caitlin Tobias (Official Photographer for Paradise Lost), and I unanimously selected Richard’s imaginative and technically powerful photograph.

Enter the Paradise Lost Photo Contest to win up to L$ 20,000 in cash prizes

To celebrate the premiere of Paradise Lost – The Movie, I am pleased to announce “The Scenes From Paradise Lost Photo Contest”! I’m offering a total of 13 prizes valued at 20,000 Lindens and 10,000 Lindens in media services to the very best entries. Prizes: In partnership with Windlight Magazine, I’m offering a total of L$ […]

I won Second Life Pic of the Day!

I came home from a night out and found a wonderful surprise when I logged into my Flickr account. Whilst I was out, Linden Lab selected my picture above entitled “Second Life / Real Life Avatar Diptychs” as the Second Life Pic of the Day! Thanks Caity Tobias for letting me know, and big thanks to […]

Primal Exposures

Since the discovery of light, people have made images to record what was illuminated – and have worked tirelessly to de-labourise the process since then. A myriad of mechanical, optical, and most recently digital, devices have been invented along the way to improve the speed, accuracy and permanency of this record; all to freeze what […]