Romeo + Juliet in Second Life: The Year in Review

This Saturday, December 14th at 1pm SLT, we’ll be performing Romeo + Juliet for the last time in 2013. As is customary at this time of year, I’m looking back to share some of Company’s and Production’s achievements in its first year. Note: I’ve tried to include as many pictures in this post from guests […]

Seeking the Prince of Cats: A casting call for Romeo + Juliet

How would you like to join the esteemed thespian ranks of Michael York, Armand Assante, John Leguziamo and Alan Rickman? Well, here is your chance:¬†We need a new Tybalt Capulet, and soon! Trixi Violet, who has played Tybalt over five summer performances of Romeo + Juliet will be leaving us at the end of August […]

Romeo + Juliet: A sneak preview in video

If you haven’t yet seen our performance of Romeo and Juliet live in Second Life, here’s a taste of what you’re missing. Johan Neddings has been very busy putting some serious computing resources together to capture several of our performances on video. He intends to edit them all into a full-length video version of the […]

An Interview with Cloe Nyn with photography by Strawberry Singh

I first met Cloe Nyn when I wandered into the Amouresque Club late last year. I was busy visiting all sorts of high-end clubs whilst researching what I might do after the KamaSutra (which of course ended up as the Basilique). I never imagined then that we’d be sharing hours and hours bringing Shakespeare to […]

Romeo + Juliet versus the Gremlins: A few lessons learned

Well it wasn’t just the Montagues and Capulets feuding during last Saturday’s performance. With all the technical issues we faced, we might as well retitled the play “Romeo and Juliet Versus The Gremlins!” As Harvey put it after the show “everything that could have gone wrong, did.” The full dress rehearsal a couple of hours […]