Strawberry Singh asks us to make our avatars into movie characters

I clearly missed my calling in life as an actor. Not only do I play one in Second Life (Romeo in Romeo + Juliet, Eve in Paradise Lost in Second Life), but I also just love dressing up my many avatars as characters from the movies and television series. It was with delight that I read […]

Review: How TRON teaches us to fear virtual reality

My interest in reviewing movies involving virtual reality from the last thirty years is to consider where some of our current views about virtuality came from. Films influence our culture significantly, at times expressing, reflecting and influencing the zeitgeist of the time. As voracious consumers of film, we draw much of what we know (or think we […]

Basilique Film Festival: Celebrating 30 years of virtual reality movies

I’m celebrating 30 years of virtual reality movies by organising the Basilique Film Festival 2015! Events will include weekly joint viewings and chats during and after the films (Fridays 3PM-5PM SLT – starting Friday, January 15th). You can watch the films independently if you like, or with friends in Second Life during scheduled times over the next 16 weeks at Basilique. Where possible, I’ll be providing links […]