Does religion have a purpose in a virtual world like Second Life?

For various reasons, I enjoy a keen interest in religions. I’ve spent time reading and talking with people about them, their origins, evolution, impacts, and future. However, religion isn’t something we come across in much of our everyday experience in virtual worlds like Second Life. This past Easter weekend, however, was an exception – when I found […]

Looking ahead to 2015 in Second Life

I don’t need a calendar event like New Year’s Day to motivate my planning muscles because I’m a planner by nature. I do, however, see the start of a new year as a useful ‘line in the sand’. A calendar year is a handy unit to measure our lives by, so it’s as a good a time as any […]

Kicking off the World Cup of Conjecture

Last week at the TPV (Third Party Viewer) Developer meeting on Friday June 20th, Linden Lab’s CEO Ebbe Altberg confirmed that Linden Lab is at the internal demo stage of the next generation of Second Life. The community has dubbed the new project as SL 2.0. To be clear, despite the adopted moniker sounding like an upgrade, this is not […]

Achievements unlocked

Join me in this world, we’ll have some fun. I have to warn you though… You’ll be awarded no points. You’ll have no levels to ascend, no Easter eggs to find, and no final boss to overcome. You’ll have no gleaming trophies on your shelf, no awards framed on your walls. No stamps smudged in your scrapbook, nor shiny medals pinned to […]