What would you do if Second Life disappeared overnight?

Try a thought experiment with me. Imagine, for whatever reason, that you woke up today to find that Second Life had simply ceased. What would you do with your time? What might you return to? What might you try that’s new? How else would you get what you now get from Second Life? A group of people tried to […]

Managing time for a busy Second Life (and real life!)

A couple of Mondays ago, Strawberry Singh challenged us to write a post about what we’ve learned as a result of our participation in Second Life. I’ve discovered talents I never realised I had outside of Second Life, having learned how to build simulated environments, like Basilique and produce immersive theatrical performances, like Paradise Lost. I’ve leveraged my love and knowledge […]

Balancing between reflections of ourselves

We began the conversation by watching Gary Turk’s video: Look Up. The question was, “Should we look up from Second Life?” A Question of Balance? “Maybe it is a question of balance,” started Connie: “I think (SL) is a useful tool to be in contact with people, but it should not replace face to face […]