Paradise Lost Photo Contest – Set Descriptions

Set No 2 – The Garden of Eden

  • Date opening: Monday, August 10th
  • Date closing: Sunday, August 16th 12 noon SLT

Our second scene is the Garden of Eden. A few highlights of this scene include the Tree of Life (at far left of the scene near the moon) and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and several large and small animals. If you look up to the ceiling, you’ll see the planets in order (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus) from the Sun (at the far altar of the Basilica) – we’d not discovered Neptune or Pluto when Milton was alive.

Tips: Satan (in snake form) stands in the middle of this set. Feel free to derender Satan if you wish. There are several places you can sit in this scene. For example, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil offers many seats, simply click on and choose from any of the animations in the menu. You can use Single AV* to sit in various locations on the tree set, and you can also invite another avi to use the Couples* animations, or even dance with them with Dances* (single) or 2Dance* (couples).

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 09.13.17

Here’s a great example of what this scene can look like:

Paradise Lost, Premiere announced!

There is also another tree that we call the Simple Tree on the left of the scene in front of the elephant. If you sit on this tree, you’ll find several animations through the Touch menu – some singles and couples and sex, I’ll leave it to you to explore those if you wish. Enjoy!

Set No. 1 – Hell’s Lake of Fire

  • Date opening: Monday, August 3rd
  • Date closing: Sunday, August 9th 12 noon SLT

Our first scene begins as Lucifer falls from Heaven and is transformed into the beast Satan. Afraid, Satan explores his new surroundings and sees Beelzebub, Belial, and Mammon fall into Hell. Depressed and saddened by his failure to defeat God, Satan wallows as the demons dance around him, telling him their stories.

Tips: Satan stands in the middle of this set – If you want to derender Satan, feel free. There is a also a sit-able throne in this set you can use. I’ve found adding fire effects in photos in post also helped me create some interesting images, like this one:

Left to Right: Belial, Satan, Beelzebub, and Mammon
Left to Right: Belial, Satan, Beelzebub, and Mammon

These are just ideas though. Can’t wait to see the creative ideas you come up with!

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