What would you do if Second Life disappeared overnight?

Try a thought experiment with me. Imagine, for whatever reason, that you woke up today to find that Second Life had simply ceased. What would you do with your time? What might you return to? What might you try that’s new? How else would you get what you now get from Second Life? A group of people tried to […]

Making Second Life Premium Membership more Win-Win

Second Life residents across the grid exploded with joy when Linden Lab announced they were increasing the number of available groups for Premium Members from 42 to 60. The resounding comment I heard can be paraphrased as “Finally, they are listening to us!” As I considered the resurgence of positive interest in Premium Membership (as a talking point […]

The Robot and I, in Second Life

What human personality traits do you want most in a person? If someone where to ask me that question, I’d readily put reliability near the top of the list. Reliability tends to score at the top of the list of personality traits most desired in personal relationships. Employers rank “dependable” as second among the personality traits they most value in job […]

What if our avatars aged (and died!) in Second Life?

How morbid… we don’t like to talk about it, but (spoiler alert) we’re all gonna die, and on the journey, we’re going to look older than today, with every step we take towards our inevitable end. The fact that ageing and death isn’t optional, doesn’t make many of us fear it any less. Hands down, ageing […]

What if… in Second Life

When we both lived at home, I’d sometimes sneak into my brother’s room, and specifically his comic book collection, to sample the treasures he hoarded there. He was a fastidious collector, keeping every precious comic book in a mylar bag with alkali-buffered backing boards, placed in vertically stacked, acid-free boxes, archived by title and date. One of my favourite titles […]