Pete Linden shares Linden Lab’s sophisticated approach to marketing Second Life at SL12B ‘Meet the Lindens’

The discussion arising from Wednesday’s ‘Meet the Lindens’ interview between Saffia Widdershins, Elrik Merlin (PrimPerfect), Xiola Linden (Lead Community Manager, Linden Lab) and Pete Linden (Peter Gray, Senior Director, Global Communications, Linden Lab) delved into meaningful specifics about new user acquisition. As it turns out, this might arguably be one of the most important interviews of […]

Meet the Lindens at SL12B suffers from softball interviewing and too much focus on the past

Tuesday’s ‘Meet the Lindens’ interview between Saffia Widdershins of Prim Perfect and Patch Linden and Dee Linden happened last night at the SL12B Dreamitarium. Despite listening to the hour of conversation (and re-listening to my full recording after that) I failed to find one item of compelling interest that’s worth writing about, except perhaps that Dee Linden doesn’t […]

Second Life sex versus Real Life sex – Survey Results

As promised, I’ve summarised the responses to my Second Life Sex Survey and the results are surprising in several ways. To my knowledge, there are relatively few quantitative studies in the field of Second Life sexual behaviour, but I’m hoping there will be more. The only published study I was able to find was published in the Archives […]

Enforcing and protesting against dress codes in Second Life

Venue dress codes and event entry policies are a murky and complicated area that can be a minefield for venue owners in RL. In a virtual world like Second Life, wherein live large numbers of people who don’t feel any rules apply to them, it can be a quagmire. Dress codes, and their enforcement, are the most common […]

Does religion have a purpose in a virtual world like Second Life?

For various reasons, I enjoy a keen interest in religions. I’ve spent time reading and talking with people about them, their origins, evolution, impacts, and future. However, religion isn’t something we come across in much of our everyday experience in virtual worlds like Second Life. This past Easter weekend, however, was an exception – when I found […]

The movement towards professionalisation and templatisation of 3D content development in Second Life (and Project Sansar)

In this article, I’ll draw a comparison between the short history of 2D interactive content development on the web and how 3D content development might follow a similar path, and how I believe we’re inexorably moving towards professionalisation and templatisation (as opposed to hobbyism) with regards to content creation in virtual worlds.