A new model for how we experience ourselves and each other in a virtual world

How we see the world tends to influence how we behave in it. In this post, I propose a new model for understanding how we present ourselves and experience each other in virtual worlds. To do so, I discuss the earlier models others have put forth, argue why they are lacking, and finish by illustrating […]

Enforcing and protesting against dress codes in Second Life

Venue dress codes and event entry policies are a murky and complicated area that can be a minefield for venue owners in RL. In a virtual world like Second Life, wherein live large numbers of people who don’t feel any rules apply to them, it can be a quagmire. Dress codes, and their enforcement, are the most common […]

Does religion have a purpose in a virtual world like Second Life?

For various reasons, I enjoy a keen interest in religions. I’ve spent time reading and talking with people about them, their origins, evolution, impacts, and future. However, religion isn’t something we come across in much of our everyday experience in virtual worlds like Second Life. This past Easter weekend, however, was an exception – when I found […]

The usefulness of virtual things, with Kriss Lehmann of Botanical

It’s no secret that I love traditional, old-world Italian environments, and I’m always on the lookout for things that might improve the Basilique region. I have many go-to places that deliver low-land-impact, yet high quality, authentic creations – mainly, I go to Post, Dutchie, Apple Fall, Trompe Loeill, Fanatik, e-brink Designs, and Studio Skye for the big stuff […]

Managing time for a busy Second Life (and real life!)

A couple of Mondays ago, Strawberry Singh challenged us to write a post about what we’ve learned as a result of our participation in Second Life. I’ve discovered talents I never realised I had outside of Second Life, having learned how to build simulated environments, like Basilique and produce immersive theatrical performances, like Paradise Lost. I’ve leveraged my love and knowledge […]