Blogs I like and why

The blogs I contribute to

The premier tutorial blog for Second Life Bloggers, SL Blogger Support

Second Life’s largest directory of SL Blogs and Stores/Creators, Blogging Second Life.

My sim, Basilique

The blogs I’ll read to stay up to date on what’s going on

Living in the Modem World, by Inara Pey

The Drax Files Radio Hour [with Jo Yardley], by Draxtor Despres

New World Notes, by Hamlet Au and Iris Ophelia

PrimPerfect, by Saffia Widdershins

Daniel Voyager, by Daniel Voyager

Jo Yardley’s Second Life, by Jo Yardley

Dwell on it, by Tateru Nino

The blogs I’ll read to find interesting places to visit

Cait’s World, by Caitlin Tobias

Honour’s Post-Menopausal View of Second Life, by Honour MacMillan

Living in the Modem World, by Inara Pey

Kate Bergdorf, by Kate Bergdorf

Ciaran Laval, by Ciaran Laval

Ziki Questi’s Blog, by Ziki Questi

The blogs I’ll read to learn about all sorts of things that make my SL richer by Strawberry Singh

Living in the Modem World by Inara Pey

The blogs I’ll read for interestingness

Serendipity Haven’s Blog, by Serendipity Haven

Avataric, by Kay Jierson

Gwyneth Llewelyn, by Gwyneth Llewelyn

Loki Elliot, Digital Mischief Maker, by Loki Elliot

What the Huck? by Huckleberry Hax

The Digital Pasture, by Penny Patton

Nalates Things & Stuff, by Nalates Urriah

The blogs related to fashion and home & garden

A Cozey Second Life by Wendz Tempest

Moka’s Way, by MokaTana

Mesh Body Addicts, by Lildaria Resident

Love To Decorate, by Editorial Clarity

A Passion for Virtual Fashion, by Harper Beresford

Intemporel, by Ana Lionheart


For an updated list of over 1100 Second Life Blogs see Blogging Second Life.

For a feed featuring non-fashion blogs Living SL

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