The DraxFiles Radio Hour: Sansar Anxiety

I’m grateful to Draxtor Despres for inviting me to take part as a panelist for the first episode of Season 3 of the DraxFiles Radio Hour [with Jo Yardley]. I was joined on the podcast by Bill Glover, Founder of Bright Canopy (the browser-based Second Life viewer) and Josh Farka, Founder of Guided Meditation VR, a virtual-reality relaxation application designed for the Oculus Rift. As a final bonus, there’s a cool little interview at the end of the show with Siddean Munro, creator of SLink.

I really enjoyed taking part in this lively conversation with people who gave so many great insights with regards to Second Life, Project Sansar, and the future of VR experiences. I hope you like it!

One thought on “The DraxFiles Radio Hour: Sansar Anxiety

  1. hope all is well! How liberating it can be not to have good internet access!! lol. It has been very poor on my travels! I am hoping the anxiety is not too bad and congrats on being a panelist. cheers and slainte and hope to pop in on your gathering when I return.


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