Richard De Grataine Suoh wins this week’s “Scenes from Paradise Lost” Photography Contest Prize

I’m delighted to award our first week’s “Scenes from Paradise Lost” Photography Contest Prize of L$ 1000 to Richard De Grataine Suoh, who submitted the image you see featured on this post. The judges, Johannes, publisher of Windlight Magazine and Caitlin Tobias (Official Photographer for Paradise Lost), and I unanimously selected Richard’s imaginative and technically powerful photograph.

“Although I appreciate all entries and choosing is never easy when it comes to the different styles, angles and interpretations, this picture stood out for me because it does not only have a wonderful play of light, shadows and colour, but I also like the small details you notice the longer you look at it. The film camera with the SL Logo on it, the way Satan seems to look away, even using his hand trying to avoid the spotlight – grumpy and all.  I love how it depicts a double meaning in that, assuming Satan is one who prefers darkness.” – Caitlin Tobias – Contest Judge.

I love Caitlin’s interpretation of this photo, and I couldn’t agree more. As luck would have it, I wandered in to the Basilica when Richard was taking this photo, and had a feeling he was making something quite cool. Because WordPress adapts featured images to fit your screen, I’ll include the photo here as well:

Richard De Grataine Suoh's Photo Entry
Richard De Grataine Suoh’s Winning Photo Entry – Link to Flickr

I chose this photo because the photographer went for the unexpected. His adding the prop of the camera and catching the right angle of the demon was ingenious. It shows imagination, taking a serious subject and casting a somewhat funny light on it. The other reason is his technique. Look carefully; he has the tiniest of realist details: the light on the demon, the walls of the church, and even the cobwebs.” – Johannes, Contest Judge.

Thank you to all participants in this week’s photo contest, and thank you to the judges for your thoughtful reviews! I enjoy seeing the entries roll in, and you too can see every submission (as I get them) in the Flickr Group.

And now for the Garden of Eden!

This week, I invite photographers to revisit the Basilique Basilica (SLurl) where I have shifted the sets to new feature the Garden of Eden!

Behind the scenes of Paradise Lost - Eden - I
One of Contest Judge’s Caity Tobias’ many images of the Garden of Eden

A few highlights of this scene include the Tree of Life (at far left of the scene near the moon) and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and several large and small animals. If you look up to the ceiling, you’ll see the planets in order (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus) from the Sun (at the far altar of the Basilica) – we’d not discovered Neptune or Pluto when Milton wrote his epic poem.

Tips: Remember, you can derender walls or ceilings of the Basilica if you want to get natural shadows. Satan (in snake form) stands in the middle of this set. Feel free to derender Satan if you wish. There are several places you can sit (or even dance!) in this scene. For example, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil offers many options for poses, simply click on and choose from any of the animations in the menu. You can use Single AV* to sit in various locations on the tree set, and you can also invite another avi to use the Couples* animations, or even dance with them with Dances* (single) or 2Dance* (couples).

You can find more details about the photo contest here. You can read about set descriptions here. And don’t forget, you can still register your email address with me to be the first to watch Paradise Lost – The Movie here.

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