Unwrapping an extraordinary 8th Rez Day Present from Linden Lab

Eight years ago today, this fledgling Canary took her first flight into a sometimes winding, often perilous, and always astonishing virtual world called Second Life.

To say I couldn’t even imagine what I’d find there is the understatement of the decade.

Eight years! I can scarcely believe it. In that time I’ve done a lot of things I’m proud of, but what is unlikely to show up on any list of accomplishments is what we – from furry to fashionista – cherish most in Second Life: our ability to express ourselves through creativity, art, and words; and the magical sense of personal freedom this expression allows.

Which is why I couldn’t be more happy to be featured as one of four voices of Second Life, in Linden Lab’s new promotional videos they just released yesterday (my words are bolded below):

Second Life is an endless garden of creativity,
We are walking into a work of art created by the people who live there,
We have the ability to communicate in a way that is very liberating,
There’s a freedom comes from being in the virtual world.

To have the opportunity to speak for hundreds of thousands about their love for an experience that has no doubt changed their lives for the better, I can only say: Thank you, Linden Lab, for this world, for the canvas we use to express ourselves, for the friends we have made, for the last 8 years I’ve treasured, for the freedom we have, and for giving me this wonderful rez day gift 😉

29 thoughts on “Unwrapping an extraordinary 8th Rez Day Present from Linden Lab

  1. Happy rez day to you, my fascinating and wonderfully creative friend. Just like SL has given us all the ability to reach creative heights that were inconceivable to us prior to our entrance here so too have you helped at least one person to reach a depth of connection unfathomable even when she thought she’d seen it all.
    You are remarkable, refreshing, liberating and liberated. A source of true comfort that rarely needs to be articulated beyond just seeing your name light up when you enter the “room”.
    Thank you for letting me into the most exclusive club I can imagine and allowing me to be a part of this life changing journey for as long as it lasts and if it ended tomorrow I would never forget you.
    Have a wonderful day!! 😀

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  2. Happy Rez Day – and your line was really good and expressive! Keep on trucking for another 8 🙂 x

    I’m not sure who the other three who took part were, but I’m sure they were equally worthy and they did a great job – as an aside, I’d have loved to hear some more accents from around the world though – to fully represent the wide range of nationalities in Second Life.


    1. The first one voice was Draxtor Despres – creator of the DraxFiles World Makers, who is actually a German living in California – but clearly his Bavarian accent has subsided after all those years under the palm trees. I don’t immediately recognise the other voices – all were featured in the DraxFiles World Makers Series.


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