Second Life Merchant releases first part of a FREE series of help-guides for other Second Life Merchants

Auryn Beorn, a Second Life merchant with over 4 years of experience with her store (Black Tulip) and as a CSR for Dutchie, has published the first part of what is bound to be an epic-series of free help guides for aspiring and existing Second Life merchants entitled “Merchant Resource”. Ms Beorn is publishing the first part of her guide today (link below).

“When I started,” she says, “I had no idea of things I could (and should) set in place to make my life as merchant, easier. This goes from deciding on a name, to deciding store policies, what information providing to customers, what to write on my product ads, which scripts using to make my life simpler, managing bloggers… and more. But now that I know them, I can try to help you in being better prepared when you start your own adventure.”

I’ll be acting as a marketing consultant for Auryn, as she publishes her series of guides, because when it comes to that particular aspect of store set-up and practice, Auryn honestly admits she “suck(s) at marketing”.

So, I’ll be sharing my views with her on the marketing angles of setting up and running a Second Life business to help her with that aspect of her guides. And because I think this information is so important and valuable, I’ll be sharing her posts as they appear on this blog.

I hope you enjoy her posts, starting with the first entitled:

“How do I begin? Location, information we want to have always handy, and preparing our inventory”

In this post, Auryn will cover store name and logo requirements, store presence (in world, marketplace, or both), store location, basic store information, and your store folder (in your inventory). Please remember to share this post, with any one you think might want to start a store in Second Life!

Featured image by Auryn Beorn.

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