Second Life blogging quality versus quantity: Will you dare to be epic?

I’ve recently written a post on SL Blogger Support that addresses the trend I see in fashion blogging towards lower quality blog posts published at greater frequency than ever before. In the post, I suggest that the reason behind this trend stems from the unrealistic expectations designers place on blogger commitments, and that bloggers accept these same commitments, leading to what I term as the Designer-Blogger Vicious Cycle. In the post, I also suggest an alternative approach, which is more virtuous. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

SL Blogger Support

In my blog post about driving more traffic to your archived content, I told you I’d be helping you stay organised with an editorial calendar. Well, for this post I’ve decided to change tack a little: I won’t be laying down specific recommendations about how frequent or how regular you should publish, because frankly, there is much more to the story – and it’s a story that strikes at the heart of what kind of blogger you choose to be. Before you can decide on what kind of posting schedule is right for you, you have to decide if you will be a blogger that prioritises quality or quantity.

First, let’s talk about blog post quantity

Should you post once or twice per day? Three times a week? Twice? Once a week? Less often than that?

Many Second Life bloggers wrestle with this question daily. Some I’ve spoken to tell…

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