Basilique featured in at least four “What Second Life Means to Me” Videos to date

Am ready for the Basilique Salon - 10 June - I
I’m having a blast watching the “What Second Life Means to Me” videos – a campaign kicked off by Linden Lab to help Second Life residents celebrate SL12B by sharing their stories with the community, while making them accessible to the outside world.

I’m not only learning about the wonderful variety of personal stories and the creative ways that residents choose to portray them in their videos, but I’m also thrilled and proudly grateful whenever I see a glimpse of my region, Basilique, featured in them as well.

For example, I loved Wendz Tempest’s super-cute and very attractive video featuring all the great things she’s seen and all the cool places she’s visited inworld, including Basilique (0:46):

I was touched and moved by Huckleberry Hax’s melancholy and poetic tribute to Second Life, that features Basilique’s Mercuzio Pier (0:20), Bar Moderna (0:45), and Silky’s Cafe (1:18):

I was so happy to see one of Caitlin Tobias’s first machinima efforts, a grateful and heartfelt video about what Second Life means to her, that featured her Pose store (Pose O’Clock) at Basilique’s Piazza (0:37) and the Chapel Clubhouse (at the end).

Lastly, I was also pleased to see Priscilla Avro’s energetic trip down memory lane, where she included a long shot of one of the Basilique Chat Salons, held in the Chapel Clubhouse (1:11).

Great work everyone! And thank you so much, to all of these contributive Second Life residents for not only taking the time and efforts to share your stories, voices, and videos with the Second Life community, but for also featuring Basilique in What Second Life Means to you!! I’m truly honoured 🙂

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