4 essential blogging secrets to help you write seductively readable SL blog posts

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article for SL Blogger Support on how to write blog headlines and posts that get people to read. If you’re a Second Life blogger and have an interest in improving your blog post’s stickiness, have a read.

SL Blogger Support

Why are some blog posts more readable than others? How can some blog posts hold your attention till the end, while others are a struggle to finish without getting distracted? Well, guess what: It’s not a magic trick. Successful bloggers use proven techniques that are a mystery to most SL bloggers. Until now. In this post, I’m going to pull back the curtain to show four secrets great writers use when writing seductively readable copy that will make your visitors click and keep reading.

1. Focus on your target audience’s specific needs and wants

When researching this post, I asked my target audience (members of SL Blogger Support) to tell me about their Second Life blogs’ target audiences, which I’ll share a little further down. Let me begin though by stating without reservation:

“Everyone” is not your target audience.

Choosing is painful. I have trouble choosing a good bottle of wine to go with dinner, let alone a target audience or target community. If you want to seduce your readers though –…

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