Prometheus owner used SL blogger Kazan’s snapshots without permission before filing DMCA

Te.k v6
Original image that Irine Abbot modified to use on her MP listing promoting her Robotic Maintenance Arms, without Kazan’s permission.

Prometheus Creations’ owner Irine Abbot admitted today that she used one of Eve Kazan’s allegedly infringing snapshots in her company’s marketplace listings – without Kazan’s permission – only days before filing her DMCA against the blogger. Abbot modified the all rights reserved image and uploaded it to use in her Second Life Marketplace listing.

“I admit, I used the photos for the MP listing, out of rage mostly after I saw (them in) the post,” said Abbot, “and then I calmed down and realized it was stupid and took them down.”

Abbot admitted her own infringement of copyright of Kazan’s work, immediately following a comment Kazan left on Monday’s blog post, where she claims “i made an AR to LL because Irene didn’t tell me she was using my photographs. And then the pics was removed, i have never said to Irene i was unhappy to see my pics on her product. Did she removed herself the pics or LL did, i dont know, but if i’m remembering well, i did my AR before talking to Irene.”

Abbot added: “They were up for less than an hour actually, not one day, not a couple, and certainly not 13 months like (Kazan’s) blog post. Never got an AR notice from LL about them.”

Prometheus' Product Marketplace Listing today
A screenshot of Prometheus’ Product Marketplace Listing today where Abbot used Kazan’s image.

Kazan said she is revealing this information now, in response to wide-ranging criticisms she received claiming that if she had only complied with Abbot’s initial requests to adjust her snapshots by crediting Abbot’s brand, she might have avoided the DMCA claim.

Abbot herself said: “If you had shown a minimum amount of understanding, and willingness to cooperate with me in solving this, none of this would have happened. Instead you completely dismissed my request, muted me, and literally forced my hand.”

Kazan said: “She stole my photos since couple of days maybe more without to ask me, and she’s asking me to remove my photographs of my blog ? that was exactly my way to think at this point. And her request was so new to me, i have thought it was just a threat. And after i have answered her to not remove my photos, she has sent me a long legal message, the same i have recieved (sic) by wordpress.”

Attempts to reach out to Kazan for further comment were unsuccessful. WordPress continues to block the photos on Kazan’s blog post.

11 thoughts on “Prometheus owner used SL blogger Kazan’s snapshots without permission before filing DMCA

  1. I don’t even …

    I mean why is the builder angry when she notices photos of her product in a blog? That’s publicity, baby! Just imagine all the other builders would be the same intellectual dwarfs and DMCA harmless blogggers every time they see any avatar wearing any of their products in any random photo in any random blogs. We’d all had to go naked, wearing only system skin and system hair (brrrr) and ask everybody we might accidentally photograph in the background to do the same.

    Communication breakdown!

    Conclusion: that Abbott woman is probably one of the most stupid and repelling characters in SL and the reason for me to become such an antisocial hermit.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Huh? Fukn huh? I don’t even know what you mean by “name calling”. When I critizise a 3rd party character I mention them by name, that’s only logical. And where did you see any trolling or any behaviour at all in my comment?
        Your post was presumptuous by acting like the site owner/blogger and telling neutral readers/commentators how to respond. The hubris, the nerve … :/


        1. Because you paid no attention to the context of this story. The blog owner receiving a request to list the products and refusing and muting me, them pasting a huge competitive brand name over them, my comments on what I would expect of them, my comments on other bloggers who have posted photos of my products without requesting licensing and giving credit where credit is due. You just call me an intellectual dwarf and a stupid repelling character that would force everyone to move around naked or flood them with DMCAs. Well your post is either a bad trolling attempt or if you indeed like this kind of behaviour, you are nothing more than a cyberbully, full of mob mentality and less intellect than a potato.


  2. I would say both personages over reacted. There is an old adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity.If you want good example consider the New England patriots deflategate scandal, which made the Superbowl the most watched event in history.Some people wanted to be vindicated others wanted to see them go down. But the fact is even bad publicity can draw people in. This whole idea That there is some infringement to using pieces in art is rather odd, when the item is a part of the art itself.Even if its from another shop if someone ever asked about the robotic arms they would be sent to the original maker, since they were not available to the maker of the art.As well the owner did not object the art itself but merely a logo from the shop or the art maker. If its an add they can’t very well label it soon else shop.That would defeat purpose of the add.I cannot see any indication that the intent was to take business away from prometheus( Since the arms were not available at the other shop) Any businesss generated specifically on that item would have come back to him. I think the entire thing was escalated past reason. The art itself is not an infringement and the logo is NOT on the robotic arms so as far as i can tell no commercial violation occurred, It would seem to me to be a lot of just ill will that should have remained as such and never risen to a complaint,The Complaints should be saved for real problems which cost people money and not simply ill will.I would say prometheus should prove that they lost any money at all due to the art( I dont think they can do so) and simply apologize if they cannot.

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