Watch for my weekly articles on New World Notes

I’m delighted to be writing weekly articles for New World Notes about Second Life behaviour and inworld etiquette starting June 2015.

My posts on my own blog, and everywhere else I write, will continue as usual.

New World Notes is the longest running and most-read blog (estimated 50k views a month) for the million+ residents of Second Life. Whether one agrees with its coverage or not, New World Notes is the website where many who aren’t familiar with Second Life (e.g. journalists) go first to learn about what Second Life is about.

With this great and influential viewership also comes great responsibility: To be balanced, to be fair, and to be as accurate as one can possibly be, with whatever one claims. In everything I write there, as with everything I write anywhere, I hope to be all of those things, and also somewhat interesting and entertaining as well.

I think it’s fair to say that some residents / bloggers have legitimate criticisms of the coverage they read in New World Notes; that it is irrelevant, inaccurate, unoriginal, out-of-touch, negative and biased.

Constructive criticism is both helpful and valuable. If one can’t take criticism for one’s views, then one should probably get out of the business of sharing one’s views. “Who ever lifts one end of the stick also lifts the other”.

As someone who visits Second Life on a near-daily basis since 2007, as someone who has been a blogger, an artist, a consumer, a creator, a merchant, a sim owner, a researcher, a filmmaker and a performing artist in Second Life for many years, I hope to bring my broad experience to my writing at New World Notes, as much as I have to my blog.

In everything I write, I will aim to be relevant, accurate, original, on-the-pulse, positive – yet unbiased, unless I am expressly stating my personal opinion. I hope that makes New World Notes a better site too.

I am enthusiastic about Second Life’s future – while realistic about its shortcomings – and I hope to bring that same balanced spirit of inquiry and advocacy to my work with New World Notes.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my articles there, as much as I will enjoy writing them. Lastly, thank you to everyone who reads my writing, wherever I write. I appreciate it very much, even when you don’t agree with me.

13 thoughts on “Watch for my weekly articles on New World Notes

        1. Yes. I’ll make a short mention of the article I write on NWN on my blog the same day – to direct my readers there. In some cases, I might also write a follow up or expanded post on my blog a week after I post to NWN.

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