The oddness of one hundred avatars

This is a wonderfully written summary of the events of May 14th at Basilique, as chronicled by Huckleberry Hax. Read and enjoy!

What the Huck?

Meeting the Lindens on 14 May

The Basilique is a sleepy little Italian town.  More and more often now I find myself there, crossing the square from the waterside landing point on my short walk to the small clubhouse at the far corner, where the weekly salon discussion event attracts sometimes up to thirty or so avatars.  Thirty or so avatars feels like a big number, especially when they’re crammed into that small room.  It’s standing room only on a busy night and navigating my way through a laggy room full of half-rezzed attendees is a precision operation.  Before I had fibre optic, I used to dream about how lightning-fast people and props would rez once I had a high speed connection; it turns out it doesn’t quite work that way.

The square itself, though, is usually peaceful.  Perhaps a light sprinkling of people stand around chatting in front of…

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