Machinima short filmed at Basilique Piazza

Check out this short machinima NicoleX Moonwell filmed at Basilique Piazza over the last few days. I love the atmosphere, and it shares some of the first moving images of the Piazza Escalus with the new cafe (Silky’s), Harvey’s Bar, and the residences now in place. NicoleX is a new tenant at Basilique, and she’s been busy using the location as a set for her lovely short films.

3 degrees to the left , The coming of dawn and coffee. from NicoleX on Vimeo.

The response to Basilique residence availability has been terrifically enthusiastic, with the first four units rented within hours. Due to the demand, I made four more units available for tenancy, and now all residential units are occupied, and the four commercial spaces now rented too, resulting in 100% occupancy.

I’m very keen to see how people decorate their spaces over the next coming days and look forward to helping promote the new businesses too.

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