Join me in supporting DJ Shona as she DJs in Second Life for 24 hours straight!

DJ Shona and the 24hr EFF Club Crawl

My friend Shona Black – who also happens to be my favourite Second Life DJ who’s weekly set at the Velvet I try to attend as often as I can – is again staying awake and DJing for 24 hours for the benefit of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

The 24-hour Pub Crawl takes place Saturday, March 7 and Sunday, March 8 between 8am and 7am SLT. She’ll be spinning at 12 venues, hitting the Bar Moderna @ Basilique at 2pm on Saturday.

This year’s event features a terrific little incentive to visit the venues she’ll be DJing at. Pay a tip (100% of which will be donated to EFF) and you’ll get a wearable doll – a different one for each venue.

Here’s the doll you’ll get for giving Shona a tip at The Bar Moderna in the picture below…

Me and my Angel Doll

Isn’t she a little angel? A unique feature of our doll is that it will change from the angel above, into the devil below, with a click!

Me and my Devil Doll

Just like our avatars from Paradise Lost! Isn’t that just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Contributors in making the 12 dolls include Shona Black herself,  Win Enfield, Lilith Goodman, Sparks Bravin, Cherry Velice, Zoe Jimenez and Destiny Noel, Delia Dorne, Xenophile Neurocam, Harlequin Lock and lastly Uglyana Jones.

Along with your doll, you’ll also receive a notecard explaining its origin, the free mesh t-shirt I’m wearing, and why Shona is going to such exhausting lengths to support this very important cause defending civil liberties in the digital world. All funds raised go to support all the EFF’s programs, including their fight against the United States National Security Agency’s (NSA) over broad and likely unconstitutional spying.

Last year DJ Shona raised L$122,000, or US$500, for The EFF.  With your help, we can break the record this year!

Here is the list of venues (SLurls) and times (SLT)

  1. March 7 @ 8AM – Crystal Blue
  2. March 7 @10AM – The Arista
  3. March 7 @12AM – Z&A C0ffeehouse
  4. March 7 @2PM – Bar Moderna
  5. March 7 @4PM – SMASH
  6. March 7 @6PM – The Notwell
  7. March 7 @8PM – Rain
  8. March 7 @10PM – Bellefleurs
  9. March 8 @12AM – Commune Utopia
  10. March 8 @3AM – alt7
  11. March 8 @5AM – Jurassic Warehouse
  12. March 8 @7AM – The Velvet

See you there at the Moderna at 2pm Shona and good luck!

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