On tokens of engagement and not taking things personally

Tokens or Engagement

I’m a new contributor for Second Life Blogger Support and kicked things off with this post about how we, as bloggers, often confuse tokens of engagement (likes, comments, shares and follows) with the value of our contributions. If you’re a blogger, and have ever been emotionally affected by the feedback (or lack of feedback) to your posts, have a read (and don’t forget to follow [SL] Blogger Support! If you want to… it’s up to you… I’m good either way… really.. 😉

SL Blogger Support

Tokens or Engagement Don’t allow tokens of engagement obscure what’s more important

Valentine’s Day annoys many men because they are compelled to buy tokens of affection (roses, chocolates and greeting cards) as stand-ins for what most of us really care about, which is caring, respect and love.

Stand-ins; however, can be like shiny pennies for both parties. These shiny pennies might get your attention, but in the overall scheme of things, they’re not worth as much as other more important things. Clearly, it’s way easier to buy chocolates and roses than it is to care more.  The problem with stand-ins, is that they’re rarely more than symbols, and everyone who has been around the block at least once knows that symbols sometimes lie.

Similarly, as bloggers, we often confuse stand-ins for the real thing. We might spend hours publishing a post we’re really proud of, only to feel vaguely disappointed at the deafening silence of our audience. Or we might…

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