Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge

And she’s back with the darn memes!

Meme instructions: Share an image of your Second Life avatar smiling for a yearbook photo.

Alright then, I looked high and low and finally found my Yearbook photo to post for Berry’s first meme of the year, and I found the little gem!:

Canary Beck Yearbook Photo
Whilst I was at it, I also found the contacts that were not selected!

Yearbook Picture Reject 1
“Ah come on baby, is that your best face?”
Yearbook Picture Reject 2
“How about this?”
Yearbook Picture Reject 3
“If that’s how you want to remembered, that’s the one we’ll go with…”
Yearbook Picture 4
“Ok ok, let’s do it again…”
Yearbook Picture Reject 5
“Oh for f*ck’s sake…”

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