Looking ahead to 2015 in Second Life

Planning 2015 I don’t need a calendar event like New Year’s Day to motivate my planning muscles because I’m a planner by nature. I do, however, see the start of a new year as a useful ‘line in the sand’. A calendar year is a handy unit to measure our lives by, so it’s as a good a time as any to share one’s plans for the next chapter.. and here are mine.

For me, sharing plans is a means to creating self-accountability: “I said I will do it, so I am going to do it“. Therefore, I don’t share plans lightly. I share them only once I’ve considered how I’m going to do something. These are not wishes, they are plans.

Sharing plans on this day enables me to look back at any point over the year and ask myself “how am I on my plan? Am I distracted? Do I need to get myself motivated? Did I forget something I really wanted to do?”

Life is full of distractions, and obstacles crop up at the most unexpected of moments, so my plan is flexible and open to change. And if some of these things don’t actually happen, I won’t be massively disappointed. In that, I agree with Ella Brightside in the sense that my “feelings (are) calling the shots”. If what I’ve planned, or what I’m doing, doesn’t give me the feelings I want, then I’ll just find something else that does.

One thing I’ve found in the past, is that by sharing plans, others who read about them are inspired to give ideas that help build or better refine my plans. So in large part, that is what I’m hoping for by sharing my plans. Please use the comments, email me, or IM me inworld if you have thoughts or suggestions on any of these plans below.

So here goes. Like earlier years, I have a few parallel tracks I’m pulling a few trains on. They are

  • The Basilique Region
  • The Basilique Performing Arts Company
  • Personal Creative Projects

The Basilique Region

925 to Menaggio

Over the past 2 years, many people have visited the Basilique Region to spend time alone, take pictures or chat with friends they bring or meet here. I love to see a half dozen to a dozen people here at any one time, simply enjoying the ambience on offer. I especially love it when they congregate at Silky’s Cafe and meet up with regulars and new visitors – we sometimes have the best spontaneous discussions here, and welcome all newcomers to join in – so please don’t be shy. Many people chatting have only just met, so you’re more than welcome to join the party. 🙂

I have a few changes in mind on the Region, including

  • repurposing the Basilica
  • converting retail store space to art exhibit space
  • giving rez rights to members
  • adding an adjacent residential homestead region

I am very happy to continue the two weekly events we have going at the Basilique, including the Monday Socials and the Wednesday Chat Salons.

Monday night @ Bar Moderna - I
Photo by the lovely and talented Caitlin Tobias. Click to make big!

Monday Socials at 2pm

We’re amassing a good little community of casual visitors and members who join us for our Monday Socials (usually with a DJ or a musician) at either the Bar Moderna or the Basilique Playhouse (which I’ve converted into a Ballroom). I am planning to continue holding these events on Mondays at 2pm SLT.

Basilique Ball - II - Jack, Becky and Beth
Photo by the lovely and talented Caitlin Tobias. Click to make big!

My plans here are to keep 2 regular DJs, new and some repeat live performers to play at least once a month, and a monthly games night (usually Cards Against Humanity) – rounding out a 4-week schedule that offers a wider variety of activities for everyone. Everyone is welcome to visit, dance, chat or play with friends new and old. Membership is not required. Themes and performers can be previewed on our events listing page.

Basilique Salon week 21 - IV
Photo by the lovely and talented Caitlin Tobias. Click to make big!

Wednesday Chat Salons at 2pm

I’m so pleased with the continued popularity of the Wednesday Chat Salons which have proven to be consistently thought-provoking and rewarding to everyone involved. A core group of members joins us most weeks, and a larger group of people drop in and out as they see fit. I think the numbers that turn up (8-16) at most Salons is an ideal size, and the format seems to be working well, so I have no plans to change that for the time being. I am always keen to hear suggestions for new topics (and not always Second Life related) and hope that we see more core members join us consistently over the next year. It’s a fantastic way to get to know people, to reflect on our lives and how we think, and to learn about different – often eye-opening perspectives – that one might have before misunderstood or under-appreciated. Please join us for that, every Wednesday at 2pm. You need to be a member to join us, but membership is free and available outside the door to the Club. Topics can be previewed on our events listing page.

The Basilique Performing Arts Company

In 2014, the BPAC put on Paradise Lost in Second Life, which was for many a revelation as to what could be accomplished when pushing the boundaries of Second Life. This followed a considerably less ambitious, but still much-loved adaptation of Romeo and Juliet performed during 2013 and revived at the Linden Endowment for the Arts over 2014. But we’re not done yet and have some big news coming for 2015!

Photo by Julala. Click to make big and see many more of her great images from Paradise Lost!

Paradise Lost: The Movie

I have worked on filming, producing and voicing a machinima version of Paradise Lost over the last four months of 2014. I’m still not 100% sure on a release date (I’m guessing sometime in the first 3 months of 2015), but I know it will be a full length movie of the show viewable on YouTube. I’ll be making a lot of noise about that before it comes out, so watch this space for announcements.

My Next Big Show

Many people have asked me about my plans for the show to follow Paradise Lost, and I’ve responded in less than definite terms. I can now, finally, say that there will be another show. I haven’t wanted to speculate on source material before I had figured out how I’d make it happen on my own, but I’ve since found an alternate solution with the assistance of a very accomplished scripter, so I’m over-the-moon with excitement now that I can say with certainty: There will be another show! I will likely have a treatment draft ready within the first 3 months of 2015. A follow-up show of the type I’m envisioning will likely take 6 months to develop, so I don’t expect to begin marketing the show until July of 2015 with an expected September 2015 release date.

My Personal Projects

I’ve tried a lot of things in Second Life: from working, to building, to singing, to making plays, to running countless events. Still, I really love the creative freedom that my personal projects give me, and so I’m planning on three big areas for 2015.

I’m writing my first book and it’s about Second Life!

I have been beavering away on my first book! Aimed at “experienced avatars interested in improving interpersonal relationships within Second Life and beyond”; I’m hoping this book to act as the ‘missing manual’ addressing the many challenges that we face together when navigating the tricky world of presenting ourselves, socialising, managing friendships, and romantic relationships online. It’s a non-fiction book, highly opinionated, and won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but early feedback on rough drafts have shown to be very positive.

I have a small circle of reviewers enlisted (poor souls) to comment and advise me on the work as I complete it. I am also very grateful to have one of Second Life’s best photographers help me illustrate it. My plan is to release the book within the first 3 months of 2015 both on Amazon and in online / downloadable form. Depending on the reception, I may also release an audio version.

'Et quand vient le soir' - III
Photo by the lovely and talented Caitlin Tobias. Click to make big!

I’ll be producing more art exhibitions in Second Life

I’ve really enjoyed the production and reception of my first Photographic Art Exhibit “Ne Me Quitte Pas”, now showing until January 10th at the Arts and Culture Community (A&CC) at Wanderstill Ode. I love the idea of a thematic exploration of a theme through a series / collection of pictures. I aim to produce more collections of this nature over 2015, with the next one aimed to be released within the first 3 months of 2015 at the Basilique Region, and possibly at other regions that show art work.

I’ll be restructuring this blog to better reflect everything above

This blog has slowly become less and less of a personal journal and more and more a place to share my thoughts and projects, since I started it 3 years ago. As I write posts about all the stuff above, blended in with my random thoughts about how I experience Second Life and other things related, I find myself constantly struggling with whether to include certain posts or not, only further complicated by my other blog property: The Basilique. I have tried to hybridise this blog to share information about all my activities, but I wonder at times if I’m speaking to too many different audiences at the same time, offering up material that only interests a small fraction of my followers with every post. Anyway, I don’t have the solution at this moment, but I aim to have this sorted out by the March 2015.

So here goes! Wish me luck! And again, if you have any comments, suggestions or wild and crazy ideas for the Region – and our activities there, the Performing Arts Company, or any of my personal creative projects, please leave a comment below or contact me inworld or by email.

Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “Looking ahead to 2015 in Second Life

  1. This all sounds fabulous, Becky! I look forward to enjoying all of your projects in 2015!

    My only suggestions revolve around Basilique. When I first joined, many moons ago, I thought I was joining a sex place. I know now I was wrong… I didn’t visit very much and truly had no idea what it was. It’s only recently that I’ve begun to visit quite a bit. I love the chat salons and intend to start coming to the socials. I very much enjoy Jack’s piano, and had a blast at game night.

    I’d love to see more social activities… and not necessarily structured. I’ve often thought about just inviting people in group chat to just come hang out and talk. Being who I am, I do enjoy the discussions that are of an adult nature, and would enjoy seeing the Bathhouse used more. 😉 And I’d love to see things that begin a bit later. I know we’re all from all over the world and live in different time zones and unless you have a 24 hour calendar of events, it’s not possible to make it convenient for everyone. Perhaps different hosts at different times?

    Because I think Basilique is wonderful and unique and a much-needed spot in Second Life. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah yes, the place… what is it? The source of confusion is probably as a result of changing minds over the past two years. We had all intentions to make it an adult place, but over time, it’s become more of a place for adults – if that makes sense. That means, you can do the kind of things adults do there, but it’s far from a sim where one might go just to indulge in intimate liaisons.

      Jack’s Piano Hour has been a great addition to our repertoire, and if it can become more consistent in terms of times and lengths, I’ll happily add it to the official events calendar. I agree, it’s a fantastic event that offers a calm and relaxed atmosphere rarely seen in SL.

      The Bathhouse! I agreeeeeee – it’s still one of my favourite parts on the sim! And on events starting later, I am more than happy to give trusted people the reins to manage events starting later than the Euro-centric times we have now. It’s all about the help, so perhaps this year we might get some volunteers to get things moving after I go to bed? Wink wink.. nudge nudge.. 😉


  2. I’d love to show some of my creative photography somewhere in SL- let me know if you have any plans for a gallery!! I’m so out of the loop I’m not sure what’s going on but good luck with the movie version of Paradise Lost. I’d be very interested in seeing that sometime!! All the best artistically in the New Year Becky!


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