Saying goodbye to all manner of things

Lovely pictures and a surprisingly germane song to pair them with. Thanks for the visit, Ella ❤

Ella Brightside

August bank holiday weekend (and labor day) is always full of bittersweet feelings for me. Summer is almost over. This summer is ending rather abruptly in the UK with the weather plunging almost overnight in the last couple weeks.

I thought I would kick-off the almost-beginning of autumn with a wee retrospective of some of my favourite summer fashions from 2014  (baby’s first summer in SL!) all set to the soundtrack of the song Michigan by the Milk Carton Kids, which I’ve been obsessed with much of this summer. So hit play on the video before viewing the fashions below… and keep your hands where I can see ’em. It’s time to say goodbye.

Today, I headed over to the Basilique Sim which has been my most regular haunt in the short time I’ve been in Second Life to date. This is still one of my favourite Sims with a picture perfect scene…

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