Linden Lab Sponsors DraxFiles World Makers

Congratulations to both Draxtor Despres and Linden Lab for agreeing to a sponsorship agreement of the DraxFiles World Makers Video Series. The announcement was announced yesterday, June 4, via a Linden Lab press release. What this means is:

Draxtor will be able to continue to produce new episodes of The Drax Files: World Makers series each month, which we can all enjoy and which Linden Lab can use in support of our Second Life marketing efforts.

Also starting today, a newly refreshed homepage will feature a brand new trailer from the series as an introduction to just some of the people that make Second Life and its community so interesting.

Harvey and I were delighted that Draxtor invited us to share our work with Paradise Lost in Second Life in the 18th episode of the DraxFiles World Makers. We are also proud that Draxtor included us, and our work, in the trailer to the series now featured on the Second Life homepage (above).

On a broader note, I firmly believe this step (alongside the redesigned website) is a clear signal that Linden Lab is taking positive action steps towards presenting Second Life to the public. Not only are they showing they are happy to let the creative talents of top-shelf Second Life creators speak for themselves; I’m also pleased to see they are outsourcing creative talent like Draxtor’s, when the need and opportunity requires it.

Two thumbs up!

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