Singing in the Rain

Many years ago, I learned about the gap between stimulus and response. The idea that no matter what life throws us; we can choose our response. To change our mood. To reframe our outlook. To manifest our own reality, no matter how dreadful things might seem.

Sometimes the gap is so easy it’s hardly even noticeable.

Other times, you might feel like you’re on top of the world… and BAM! Next moment, you’re Eponine.

That’s when crossing the gap feels like rewriting “On my own” to sound and look more like “Singing in the Rain“. A quick change of costume. A colourful prop. A quick Windlight change.

If only real life was so easy.

Singing in the Rain blogcopy

5 thoughts on “Singing in the Rain

  1. Aaaaw the classics ♥

    Canary, the pain of and joy of relationships in SL are felt just a sharp to the person at the keyboard as the pain and joy in the real world, right.

    So I ask you is not the Real Life just as easy or hard as SL?

    Great topic 🙂

    Love Gene Kelly and Le Miserables doesn’t have a song I don’t love – Huggss Dee


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