What brought you to Second Life? And what keeps you in it?

Discuss! Ella and me warming up for Wednesday

The first of our weekly salons is scheduled for Wednesday, April 30th at 1PM SLT and the topic is

What brought you to Second Life? And what keeps you in it?”

Everyone is invited to visit with us to share in the discussion. We’d love it if you take part. If you’d like to just sit and listen, that’s ok too. All we ask is that you dress smartly and be respectful during the event.

Don’t worry if you don’t think your response to this question is dull or uninteresting. We’re not actively seeking raconteurs to wow us with their backstories, but if you’ve got one that’s fine too. More importantly, we’re interested in the diversity of motivations in the people who attend.

We hope it will be an interesting discussion, and that you can meet some like-minded people and make some new friends in Second Life! Here is the landmark to the Basilique Club – we will open the Members Club to all during this time, so don’t worry about joining unless you really want to! Hope to see you there 🙂

If you can’t attend, drop your reasons below in the comments, and we’ll use them as starting points for the chat!

2 thoughts on “What brought you to Second Life? And what keeps you in it?

  1. This sounds great, especially the “diversity of motivations” and the no expectations of having to attempt to be a raconteur.

    I know the setting and ambiance is lovely there and the interaction will be jucier than simply finding out this info about residents from reading blogs, which is fine, as far as it goes. And then there’s the part about making new friends!

    It will be 2:00 p.m. for me and I have an obligation at that time but I want to recommend this to those who might be considering it.


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