Party in a Box

I’m late, late, late to the pose party, usually relying on poses in my furniture or my AO do my posing for me when taking pictures.

With the happy arrival of Pose Fair 2014, however, I decided it just wasn’t going to get any easier to sample hundreds of poses all in one place (at least until next year).

My favourite find

Party in a Box 4

I absolutely love the naturally balanced, emotive, and almost sculptural look and feel of these poses available in the amazingly versatile Diesel Work’s PolyWall.

I’ve included a few samples of a very simple set up in terms of background, lighting and (lack of) wardrobe, in the very noble interests of… ahem… showing off the poses in the best possible light.

Pose Fair 2014

Party in a Box 14

I found a tonne of other poses that I just can’t wait to try in all my new spring outfits and in all sorts of new settings. So, I’m very happy with my visit to Pose Fair, and I urge you to get down there to sample and buy the works of many creators, of whom it has been said get relatively short shrift from both bloggers and photographers (myself included).

More from this set

Party in a Box 8

If you like the samples I’ve included, click on them to see them bigger on my Flickr. I’ll be uploading my favourite shots from the session over the next few days.

Special thanks to Strawberry Singh for providing the inspiration for this post through her Monday Meme: Strike a Pose Challenge.

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