Weekly Salons to be held at the new Basilique Members Club

Club Garden facing Basilica
Club Garden featuring from left to right, the Basilica, the Chapel, and the Bathhouse

Now that Paradise Lost in Second Life is up and running at least until late June, Harvey and I found the time for a task we’ve wanted to complete for months now: hire a new barman! 😉 And now that that’s taken care of… we have consolidated every part of the Basilique Region to the ground level, with the last piece of the puzzle now in place: the Basilique Members Club.

NEW Basilique Club_001.jpg
The Chapel

While considering the Members Club’s form and function since it opened in January 2013, we’ve made a few alterations to not only place, but also to theme.

First, we’ve streamlined the Members Club buildings to the two most often used locations: The Chapel (pictured above) and The Bathhouse (pictured below). The Chapel remains smart dress only, the Bathhouse remains nude only.

NEW Basilique Club_002.jpg
The Bathhouse

Second, we have planted a new Members Club Garden to enjoy the outdoors in privacy, creating a leafy green square between the Chapel, Bathhouse, Playhouse and Basilica. The Garden is a relaxing place to sit and chat with a friend or two, with only the sounds of the birds and the refreshing breezes blowing through the Cherry Trees to keep you company.

NEW Basilique Club_003.jpg
The Club Gardens

Thirdly, and in regards to theme, we will bring weekly events back to the Members Club. In the Members Club buildings and garden, we’ll be holding Members Club salon-type events, focused on hosting interesting and topical conversations and playing games. The Bar Moderna will remain the primary venue for dancing and DJs. The Basilica and the Playhouse will remain the main theatrical spaces.

Another look at our BathHouse
A look at inside the BathHouse

One of the things I like to do most inworld, is further develop conversations about things I’m reading about on Second Life blogs, things that I hear on the Drax Files Radio Hour, or things that I see on Second Life social media. Harvey and I often get involved in interesting conversations about these topics; we find them great fun and always welcome others who might be around to join in. Perhaps it’s not for everyone, but we think there might be more people out there who might be interested in something similar.

The Chapel interior
The Chapel interior

Therefore, we’ll be scheduling unstructured weekly Salons around topical and interesting conversation topics. We’ll start with the planned topic, but really, where it leads is up to the people who show up. There’s no need to RSVP, and certainly no need to send regrets. If it’s just Harvey and I that show up, that’s fine too, we can easily talk about nearly anything of interest till the wee hours anyway.

On slow Second Life news weeks, we might instead hold a games night, like Cards Against Humanity (a hugely popular game now playable inworld), random games we enjoy playing with drinks in our hands, or maybe even bring back “name-that-TV-tune”. We might even invite a few high-profile Second Life residents to join us for some relaxed meet and greets.

These events will take place weekly on Wednesdays at 1pm SLT and will be scheduled for roughly two hours. You can come for a little while, or attend the whole thing.

Paid membership to the Basilique Group is required to attend, but we’re not in it for the membership fees. If you’d like to join us the conversation without paying the membership fee, we’ll likely just let you in for the event if you let us know. To be honest, the $1000 membership fee for the Club Membership serves mainly to help us keeping out those who aren’t interested in playing nice with others. It’s not a fail-safe, but it goes a long way to making life easier. Sure, it helps cover some of the costs involved in maintaining a region in Second Life, but donations are always welcome too.

We hope you’ll join us for one, or several, of these conversation meet-ups / salons on Wednesdays between 1PM SLT and 3PM SLT. Events will be listed on the Basilique Events Listing Page.

Our first topic: “What brought you to Second Life? And what keeps you here?”

Give it a try, you’ll never know who you might run into! 😉

There's a new barman in town!
In case you missed it, there’s a new barman in town!

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